Podaca is a settlement located on the southern part of Makarska Riviera, beneath Bikovo, 36 km southeast of Makarska. It consists of three parts: Kapec, Viskovica vala and Ravanje. As a part of Makarska Riviera, Podaca is completely oriented towards tourism. It has about 660 inhabitants, and more than 1100 beds in private accommodation. Today the tourism in Podaca is concerted around the beautiful beach and private accommodation which can be found in lovely stone houses.Podaca is mentioned for the first time in 1477. in a Turkish document. Many stone ruins beneath Biokovo mountain  bear witness to the period of Illyrian habitation (2000 years BC – 1st century. During the Roman rule this are was administrated from Narona. The village grew on the slopes of Biokovo, close to St.John the Baptist’s church. This area dominates still today over the present locality and its name is Gornja Podaca (Upper Podaca). At the entrance to the settlement there is a well preserved tower which was built for defence from the Turkish attacks.  After an earthquake in 1962., almost entire population moved to the coastal area where a new church was built to Our Lady of Annunciation

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